When do I contact Sarah to arrange for a quote

Once you have read the 7 steps below please contact Wedding Flowers By Sarah for a quote via email


  1. Choose your wedding gown or know the style and colour of your gown.
  2. Choose your bridesmaids dresses or know the style and colour of the dresses. Consider your colour scheme. The colours chosen can compliment the bridal gown, the wedding theme and the clothing of the bridal party.
  3. The colours chosen can also be a contrast (purple dresses with orange and yellow flowers). Your reception flowers do not have to be the same as the wedding bouquets, consider what the flowers have to contend with in the room, marquee or outdoor area.
  4. Consider if you would like to have a theme like modern, vintage or classic. This can often be decided once the bridal gown has been chosen.
  5. Do you have a favourite flower or foliage you would like to include in your wedding flowers?
  6. Look through bridal magazines and books marking the pages, with not only the flowers that you like but the styles of bouquets you like too. If you don?t really have an idea of the types of flowers you?d like to have, simply looking at the beautifully photographed flowers can be a lovely way to start getting an idea of what you like.
  7. Know the exact date of you wedding, this helps me determine and guide you to what flowers will be in season.

After completion of these steps it?s time to contact Wedding Flowers By Sarah, via email to arrange quote.

Other services that are available are:

* Delivery of your bridal flowers, instructions on care and handling of the flowers.

* Decoration of venue

* Attaching pew flowers

* Positioning alter arrangements

* Arranging flowers on reception tables including cake and gift tables.

* Delivery of ceremony arrangements to reception venue

* Flowers for other functions or corporate events can be arranged with 4 weeks notice prior to the event.


Your wedding flowers can be delivered for a fee determined by distance covering Albury/Wodonga as well as the North East Region. Alternatively, you can arrange pick up of your wedding flowers from my studio.

Can be arranged but an additional charge for time will now be charged.

Interstate Brides:

Technology makes the process easier for us, I am more than happy to communicate with you via email, phone, or Skype to help design and organise your wedding flowers.

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